Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Join a contractual alliance to manage risks, sharing costs of new large-scale capital investments and inject new life into maturing ideas and businesses.


Platform Trading




We bring together investors, commitment holders, credit lines and approved projects for a collaboration with sustainable long-term returns.

Platform Trading

Make bids, ask prices. Buy and sell on assets, projects and joint ventures with returns that you are willing to settle for.


Get an investment trust or bank to issue securities on your assets. Take out credit and invest in your future ventures.


Invest into high-growth projects and get multi-fold returns on your capital, backed by assets secured by banks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What due dilligence is needed?

Due diligence will include checking your joint venture partner’s legal status, that they have the right to enter the joint venture, that they own assets they will be putting into the joint venture and so on.

How do we take profits from the joint ventures?

Profits from joint venture companies are commonly distributed through dividends. Of course, the ability of the joint venture to pay dividends will depend on its cash flow position. Depending on the circumstances, there may also be other more tax-effective ways of realising part of the value of your investment in the joint venture.

Where a joint venture is structured as a partnership, profits are automatically shared between the partners as specified in the partnership agreement. The partnership agreement should specify what cash payments partners can take from the partnership.

Are there any fees that is payable to Prolution for this service?

Prolution will not be taking any additional payment from you, other than the agreed and negotiated agency fee.


Being our partner means leveraging our fund management expertise in pursuing profitable joint venture opportunities, within Malaysia and worldwide.





Screening JV Partners

Screening for partners involve finding strengths and weaknesses that provides a map of cross-cultural speed bumps and potholes that can be avoided.

Legal Procedures

This involves MoU, Ancillary Agreements, JV Agreements, regulatory approvals among many others.

JV Company Formation

Creating a business entity and commencing business upon receipt of the Certificate of Incorporation.

JV Company Management

Executing on strategy, governance, shared services and operations, organization and talent, and finance and planning.

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