Dow Jones Investment Program

Dow Jones Investment Program

The Dow Jones Investment Program, allows investors to profitably invest with reference to the Dow 30, a stock market index that tracks 30 large, publicly-owned blue chip companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ in USA.



Learning Course

What You'll Learn


Our latest entry under Fund Management, this program from Prolution allows for new and mature investors to profitably invest in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Prolution will assist interested investors in creating a NYSE trading account, and provide guidance along the way, promising returns of up to 45%


Return on Investment: up to 45%
Minimum Cap: US$100k
Risk: 1-2%
Investment Period: Lock in period for 18 months minimum

We’ll communicate our requirements to you so that you can make an informed decision.

Learning Course

Joun our investment planners on Prolution as they guide you on this unique journey of participating in the American stock markets. The NYSE may seem daunting at first, but our investors will guide you through each step in your investment journey with us.

Prolution has a 4-week course to get you started and earning on this investment path, which covers on introduction, set-up, research, investing and finally, profiting.

What You’ll Learn

✔️Fundamentals of stocks, bonds, options, and real estate in the NYSE
✔️How are stocks valued by market participants
✔️How to find financial reports, earnings estimates, and other data
✔️Investing principles to build sustainable profits over a long period
✔️What caused and what can we learn from the Dot-com Bubble, the 2008 Financial Crisis & the Covid-19 downturn

How to Invest in the NYSE and SNP500 portfolio ?

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Our consultant will meet you to understand your investment needs and create a NYSE stock trading account.

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Let our team of investors and financial analyst invest on your behalf and earn returns on your portfolio.


Guaranteed Returns

By holding on to our portfolio of agggresively-managed funds, our investors report high returns on their capital and high satisfaction on the transparency of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this course require any prior knowledge or experience?

No other prior knowledge is required.

Can I take this course online (remote learning)?

You may attend this training virtually (online) at the scheduled time the course is offered.

Are there any fees that is payable to Prolution for this service?

Prolution will not be taking any additional payment from you, other than the agreed and negotiated agency fee.


U.S. stocks keep on chugging along with little resistance, only hiccups here and there. The S&P 500 has met levels and then left them behind, filling gaps, breaking trend-lines, and leaving behind the 200-day not long ago. There remains one major gap between here and record highs, and its time you take advantage of the Covid-19 hit markets.

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