Credit Evaluation

Credit Evaluation

Credit Character as Collateral for Capital.


Debt Management

Credit Rating Improvement


We make individuals and companies credit-worthy to leverage their assets and invest in new projects for the future.

Debt Management

Find financial peace of mind. We will consolidate your debts, balance your budget and allow you to regain control of your finances again.

Credit Rating Improvement

Get help on boosting your credit score, and managing your credit and credit history responsibly to secure loans more easily.

Our Strategies Include


Balance Transfers

Balance transfers allow you to save on interest payments

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debts into a single loan with one repayment.

Debt Counselling

Overcome your struggle with debt, with our assessment

Repayment Plan

We’ll renegotiate the payment terms for all your debts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are the debt counselling sessions free?

Yes, the session is free. However, you will be required to pay a fee of RM200 for the full debt assessment.

How will Prolution renegotiate the payment terms for my loans?

Prolution will attempt to lialse with your loan providers to achieve more agreeable terms.

Are there any fees that is payable to Prolution for this service?

Prolution will not be taking any additional payment from you, other than the full debt assessment of RM200.

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Debt can be a friend, & not a burden, if you utilise it correctly.