About Us

Excellence, Trust and Partnership.

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Prolution is an investment management company managing assets for pension funds, institutions, corporates, high net worth and mass affluent individuals all around the globe. Headquartered in the one of the world’s major financial hub in Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Prolution is focused on providing clients exceptional and innovative investment and funding solutions.


Being one of the top investing company for our clients globally, we hold great opinion of our honorable clients in the best way possible and thus provide absolute transparency in all of our dealings. We take pride in our credibility and integrity.


Making sure our operational excellence is not in any way compromised has been the top priority for us. We are constantly refining and according due diligence in our work because we believe consistency is key to having profitable returns in the long run.


Understand the objective of every client who chose to invest with us is very important in providing the client with the best return possible. We have a solid notion of dedicating the right technique and strategy to cater for the different investing requirement from clients.


Project Funding

    • Platform Trading
    • Joint Ventures
    • Issuer & Purchaser

Fund Management

    • FOREX
    • Equity
    • Bonds

Banking Instruments

    • Standby Letter of Credit
    • Bank Guarantee
    • Bank Drafts

Credit Consultation

    • Loan Procurement
    • Credit Evaluation

Real Estate Services

    • First-time Home Buyers
    • Property Investors

Meet The Team

Frank Beh
Investment Planner

Plan to meet your financial goals with Frank! Frank will assist you to determine the possible growth of your investment based on your initial investment amount, your risk category and an optional monthly savings plan.

S. Linkeshwar
Millennial Money Mindsetter

Linkesh will analyse your financial situation, what caused it, and consolidate your debts without you falling further. Our debt management plans can save you money and likely reduce your monthly payments. And you will not have to borrow more money to achieve this.

Visionary Entrepreneur

Daniel is an expert in his own way. Project demography analysis has been his passion since venturing into real estate. Besides that, he’s a gifted trend catcher as he has the ability to decode the past in order to understand what is installed for the future.